The press says...


" Director Gerard Hameline learns to make most of Mexico's generic jungle while shooting exteriors for a new Tarzan series. [...] after a distinguished career directing TV commercials. [...] A filmmaker with a truly peripatetic background, his linguistic horizons were already extraordinary wide by the time he moved to America [...] "

Producers Quaterly

Classed as one of the top 20 film directors by Advertising Age

"Very trendy cinematographer [...] worked with directors such as Ridley Scott, Adrian Lyne [...] he switches to directing and shoots spots for McCann and Coca-Cola. [...]

Creation Magazine

- Clio Visa Card campaign

- Clio Television/Cinema winner for Peugeot - Test Center 60 (Ogilvy & Mather)

- Clio U.S Television winner for Visa - Boston (BBDO, New-York)

- Clio U.S Television winner for Emery - It's As Good As There (J. Walter Thompson, New-York)

- London Film Festival award for Budlight - Caveman